• Downsizing and Realtors

    Movers, Realtors and Decluttering professionalis

Elder Moves can assist in transforming your existing home to meet your needs for periods of recuperation or prolonged stays! We will suggest changes and create ease through placement and removal of furniture. Use our experienced organizers to create a safe and healthy environment.

Elder Moves is a network of resources and services dedicated to meeting the transitional needs of our clients and their families. We realize that any transition requires change. But change doesn’t have to mean confusion and unknown territory. We’ve spent over 20 years anticipating needs and having solutions in place when they arise.

Elder Moves Services Include:

  • Decorating
  • Home accessibility modifications
  • Moving and packing arrangements
  • Decluttering
  • Compassionate consultation on all aspects of transitioning
  • Care management evaluation and assistance
  • Sales and purchasing assistance…and a complete range of services designed to provide comfort in a time of change
  • Location Consultants
  • Coordinating Services
  • Assistance with Decisions
  • Sorting and Creating Order
  • Empowerment thru organization
  • Packing
  • Room Arrangements/Floor Plans
  • Fine Decorating
  • Complete set-up including hanging items