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Concerned About Your Risk of Dementia?

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For years, doctors have looked for treatments to prevent memory loss or dementia in their patients. Some research suggest that drugs to reduce cholesterol might help prevent dementia but we need more information. The PREVENTABLE study will test if taking a statin can help prevent dementia in older adults.

Why is PREVENTABLE Trial Important?
The benefits of taking statins for older adults without heart disease are not fully understood. Results from PREVENTABLE will help understand if taking a statin could prevent dementia in adults 75 years or older.

Who Should Join?

  • Are Age 75 Years or Older
  • Not Taking a Statin
  • Hove Not Been Diagnosed with Dementia or Heart Disease
  • Receive Care From a Participating Health System

We invite you to learn more and find out if you are a good fit for PREVENTABLE by visiting the study website at www.preventabletrial.org.  You may also email or call a study team member.

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