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Breaking up with STUFF is hard to do…

At Blue Robin Downsizing you will find our team of people who were selected with extreme care.  People of highest integrity, with a strong desire to love and care for our clients and their belongings.  When we step in the door your worries are replaced with relief.  Many in our senior population are facing emotional decisions which become very overwhelming.  Usually the #1 question is “what am I going to do with all my stuff, how will I get this all done”?  This is why we show up at the door with our culture of gentle kindness to help one step at a time.  We want people to know they don’t have to do this alone.

Blue Robin Downsizing designs a plan of action customized to each client.  We specialize in:

  • Reducing the stress of transition
  • Show up when friends and family can’t help
  • Oversee and manage the process of downsizing/moving
  • Take the burden off your shoulders of what and how to do this

Some of our services are:

Senior Move Management

Thinking about moving to a senior living community?  We are here to lend a helping hand.  When it is time to move mom and dad to senior living, when the kids live away and can’t help,  we pull in the driveway with our box truck and become like family.  We pack, oversee move day, unpack and set things in order.  We take the stress out of the move.


  • From the attic to the basement
  • We remove the chaos
  • We simplify so you can enjoy your space


  • Moving to a smaller home?
  • Want to get rid of the storage unit?
  • Are you ready to let go of unwanted items?

Home Staging

  • Is your house going on the market?
  • Let us help you create a tasteful open flow to welcome potential buyers when they walk in the door.

Clearing out Vacated Property

People get in a spot when life changes.  With a house full of belongings, yet empty of their loved one, what seems impossible to you is what we do everyday.  You don’t have to make any more calls – we will help you do this.

Blue Robin Downsizing serves Columbus and surrounding areas.