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    Temporary care provided during business hours

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A Caring Voice For You is a phone companionship service specializing in showing others compassion through meaningful conversations.

Compassion Calls
Everyone, on occasion, feels as though they are all alone. At A Caring Voice For You, we value our phone time with you and look forward to speaking with and listening to you as we cultivate meaningful relationships preventing you from feeling alone.

Friendship Connections
Engage in thoughtful and engaging phone conversations with another senior. Our caring employee will introduce you to another senior who shares your interests and experiences and initiate a conversation between you.

Health and Happiness Check-In
Ensure that your loved one is fine by arranging for someone to check in on your loved one and provide gentle reminders. We designed Health and Happiness Check-In services to support caregivers or individuals with health and safety reminders. Members of Health and Happiness and their caregivers can tailor this service to their individual needs, which may include a variety of reminders.

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A Caring Voice For You

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