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3/29/2021 | By Seniors Guide Staff

You might never have heard of a senior living placement specialist. Still, if you or someone you love is considering a senior living community, these professionals could play an essential role in finding the right one.

A senior living placement specialist guides individuals and their families through the somewhat complex process of finding the ideal housing option for their needs and budget. They typically work for an advisor company that has established ties with a network of communities. They know these communities well and are pretty familiar and comfortable in the world of eldercare and senior living.

Is a senior living placement specialist right for you? Here is what they do so you can decide.

How can a senior living placement specialist help me?

When you and your family first meet with a placement specialist, they take the time to understand both your and your family’s background, along with your needs and wishes. The knowledge gained during the interview can suggest specific, customized options for housing or care. They can then provide details on the processes and tell you what comes next.

These options could extend beyond local senior living communities. For instance, if, after talking to you, the specialist feels that downsizing might fit your needs better than moving to a senior living community, they will point that out to you and your family. A senior living placement specialist’s job is not to be a “salesperson” for a specific community but to remain neutral and encourage what is in your best interest.

What are the next steps?

After the list of living options has been presented by the placement specialist, they will thoroughly discuss them with you and your family and narrow down the list. After arriving at your top choices, you and your family can tour the communities you are considering. The placement specialist will set up the tours and often accompany you on the tour or meeting to guide the process.

After the tour, the specialist will ensure that you have all the information you need to feel informed and make a decision. Once you have decided, the senior living placement specialist will advocate for the best price possible and help you in your new home. 

What happens after the move?

Once you are in your new home, the placement specialist will make sure that the community matches your standards. They will ensure the move is stress-free for you and your family and continue to check up on you as you settle into your new surroundings.

How much do these services cost?

A senior living placement specialist does not get paid by you or your family. Instead, the senior community compensates them after they help someone to move into one of their homes. Keep in mind that not all senior communities choose to participate in the network, so that the placement specialist might be less familiar with them.

Do I need a senior living placement specialist?

You could probably work your way through the process and find the right senior living community without the assistance of a senior living placement specialist. But eliciting the support of a professional is not a bad idea and is often highly recommended.

You may find comfort in having a neutral, knowledgeable assistant by your side from the start to finish of an unfamiliar process. You may even create a trusting relationship with your specialist. The process of finding a senior living community can be confusing or even overwhelming. A senior living placement specialist can take and transform it into a streamlined process. You will save time and energy and transfer some of those feelings of being inundated to someone experienced at it.

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