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7/2/2021 | By Rachel Marsh

Located on Lake Erie, many individuals – from young adults to retirees and seniors – have found a variety of reasons to retire in Cleveland. While the area is filled with the benefits of a big city, it’s still laid-back enough to offer that easy and relaxed way of life.

1. Home to a Range of High Quality Health Care

Giving peace of mind to senior residents and their loved ones, Cleveland has a wide array of top-notch hospitals and medical centers available within and just outside of city limits.

In fact, U.S. News & World Report has given acknowledgements to multiple local hospitals in the Cleveland region. Cleveland Clinic, for example, has been nationally ranked in 14 adult specialties, and rated high performing in 10 procedures and conditions. University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center and Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital have also earned national rankings and high performances in a variety of specialties and procedures.

On top of these, there are many other hospitals and medical centers in the area – guaranteeing that no resident is ever far from quality care.

2. Affordable Cost of Living

In general, Ohio has a lower cost of living than that of the national average. Cleveland itself is also very affordable, especially in relation to other cities in America; in fact, the cost of living is 27.4% lower than the U.S. average.

In addition, as a benefit for retirees, there are no taxes on Social Security in the state of Ohio.

Retirement Costs in Cleveland, OH

3. Great Public Transportation System

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority offers an easy method to get around town without worrying about driving, parking, or navigating the city. Their system features a rail and a bus rapid transit in the city; it also has a bus system that goes into surrounding towns.

The Cleveland RTA is beneficial for aging adults who feel uncomfortable driving, or simply can no longer get behind the wheel.

They even offer discounts to seniors 65 and older!

4. Take Classes at the Local University

Spend your retirement back in college! Cleveland State University’s exclusive program, Project 60, allows seniors the opportunity to audit any class offered at the college on a completely tuition-free basis; one of the best reasons to retire in Cleveland!

For adults hoping to learn a fresh skill, brush up on an old one, or merely treat their brains to something brand new – any individual 60 and older is invited to apply to the Project 60 program.

5. Entertainment and Attractions for Any Type of Interest

Cleveland is quiet but active, offering the opportunity for whatever type of lifestyle experience each resident seeks.

Enjoy the art and culture of downtown life, filled with museums, theaters, lively events, and culinary delights. Relax on one of the city’s multiple freshwater beaches on Lake Erie. And for all of you sports lovers: this is home to the Cleveland Indians, the Cleveland Browns, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. And, of course, home to plenty of team spirit!

Rachel Marsh

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