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6/11/2020 | By Seniors Guide Staff

As individuals age, many prefer – and deserve! – to prioritize relaxation, socialization, and leisure over mundane daily chores and hassles.

And senior living communities are designed to help with just that. They provide three meals a day, eliminating the need for cooking; they supply transportation for errands and appointments to prevent residents from having to drive; and they offer a safe environment, for a genuine feeling of security.

They also have staff available 24 hours a day in case any need may arise: from a minor incident to a serious medical emergency.

Overall, residents at senior living communities enjoy the companionship of fellow guests combined with the laid back routine of day-to-day life, plus the feeling of security for their health and wellbeing.

These days, many seniors are finding that a senior living community is, in fact, the best next step in their stage of life.


As seniors get older and lose independence, isolation becomes more and more prevalent. But, naturally, senior living communities help avoid this situation considerably. Residents are surrounded by individuals of the same age and chapter in life, with ample opportunities to meet and socialize with each other. 

Says Suzanne Holtcamp, whose parents resided at Danbury Senior Living, “I knew my dad was a social person and he was going to want to socialize with other people. [This community] would give him the opportunity to do that without having to get in the car and go somewhere.”

“My mother’s very social, she really enjoys talking to people,” says Elise Hafenbrack, whose mother is a resident of Tapestry of Springboro, reiterating the benefits for her mom of “having companionship, having people around. She’s got all new people to tell all her stories. They all sit around telling stories … she’s got tons of friends there.”

Regular Activities

Additionally, communities will regularly host activities – from entertainment like guest singers and performers, to interactive recreation like bingo, movie night, or arts and crafts.

“The activities [staff] have something going on daily,” says Kathy Brannan in regards to Friends Care Community where her mother resides. “They go to Cincinnati Red games, they take country drives, have ice cream socials, they have cookouts, they even do karaoke. And then they have outside entertainment like kids from local schools, dance clubs, piano players, guitar players, people coming in and singing … It’s amazing.”

And many facilities make continued efforts to ensure that their residents always feel welcome, included, and part of the community as a whole.

“We celebrate birthdays every month,” Ron Filburn, a resident at Trinity Community of Miami Township, explains. “We have a birthday celebration and they provide a cake, ice cream, sometimes they have entertainment. It’s a get together for the community.”

“My mom’s a line dancer,” Hafenbrack mentions. “She was doing a line dance on Saturday mornings at 11, if anybody wanted to line dance. That was her interest, and [Tapestry of Springboro] made it happen.”

And it’s these activities, plus the fostering of such close camaraderie, that sets a positive tone throughout the entire community.

“You could just tell they were happy there,” says Holtcamp of Danbury Senior Living residents. “You’d walk into the dining room and you’d sit down and everybody would say hello to you … you could see people were socializing with each other, and they all knew each other well.”

As B. Joyce, a resident at Trinity Community of Beavercreek, says of her personal experience, “The other [residents] that are here, they’re just like a family.”


One daily hassle that’s completely eliminated in a senior living community? Cooking! No more grocery shopping, no more meal planning, and no more dishes.

Each community comes with a dining room, which serves up at least three meals a day. Some community dining rooms, in fact, are open throughout the day for even more flexibility and freedom of mealtimes.

In many cases, there is a standard menu with regular rotating specials to choose from. Kitchen staff often consider dietary restrictions, and many stay on top of the preferences of residents. “[The staff at Trinity Community at Miami Township] have set up a monthly appointment … to make sure we’re all satisfied with the meals they provide,” explains Filburn.

Many communities prioritize the quality and variety of the cuisine – and some even hire a professional chef!

“We’ve eaten [at Tapestry of Springboro] quite a few times,” says Hafenbrack. “[The chef’s] name is Chef Joey. He comes out, he’ll even serve some of the meals. And if you say you like something, he’ll make it again.”


These days, many communities have deliberately situated themselves in conveniently urban locations – inside neighborhoods that are within walking distance or a short drive of nearby businesses and restaurants.

“It’s back in a residential area,” says Holtcamp about Danbury Senior Living. “It’s [close to] all the shopping you could possibly want … there’s a Walmart right down the road. And traffic is not bad.”

Trinity Community of Miami Township is also “conveniently located,” Filburn describes. “We have the Dayton Mall right behind us. And we have an Olive Garden right in front of us.”

Many facilities also offer free transportation to residents throughout the day, granting them the ability to get groceries, shop, or go to doctor appointments.

“We have a bus and it takes us shopping,” Joyce explains of Trinity Community of Beavercreek. “It will take you to the doctor, [the staff] will help you make the appointments, it’s very easy.”

And, in addition to ideal locations, many communities work hard to ensure that the on-campus setting is idyllic as well – giving residents the opportunity to enjoy fresh air as much (and as pleasantly) as possible.

“It’s very laid back, it’s very comfortable, it’s very warm,” says Brannan of Friends Care Community’s outdoor setting. “Friends is a gorgeous place inside and out. There’s a pond … there’s a wonderful walking path that’s wheelchair accessible … It’s just beautiful.”


One thing both residents and family members agree on: a good team of staff makes all the difference.

“They’re just very accommodating,” Filburn expresses, regarding the staff at Trinity Community of Miami Township. “I can’t say enough for what they offer here … I tell the staff how great it is and how wonderful they make our daily life. So I just can’t say enough.”

“The staff is phenomenal,” Sandy Griffin, a resident of Shiloh Gardens Retirement Community, says. “Sue the manager is always available. She is adept at doing her job. She keeps in touch with all of us. Bev is caring and helpful. There is nothing [the staff] would not do for us.”

Many seniors do, however, have a hard time making the leap into a senior living community. Holtcamp tells about the hesitancy that her father was feeling before moving to Danbury Senior Living. “It was very unsettling for my dad to even consider going in there, because he’s a military veteran and he didn’t want to have to rely upon anybody. It was a big hit to his self-esteem that he was going to have to take help from people.” The hospitality and warmth of the staff, she explains, made the transition so much easier. “The fact that everybody was so nice and so welcoming really did help that.”

Families Like It Too!

And even for family members, it can also be difficult to leave a parent or parents in the care of strangers. But, “The people [at Friends Care Community] have really been accommodating to us and my mother’s needs,” says Brannan. “I just can’t describe enough how much they’ve stepped to the plate to make [this process] more tolerable. How heartfelt their kindness is … has helped us so much to get through this very trying time … They’re honestly like family to us because they’ve been so wonderful in taking care of my mom.”

And when her father passed away in February, Holtcamp cherished the support shown by the staff at Danbury. “The nurse … stayed after her shift was over because she knew my dad wasn’t going to make it through the night … If she hadn’t been there I don’t know what I would have done.”


Businesses and organizations all over the world are making adjustments for the current health pandemic, but senior communities especially have to take extra precautions.

Communities are naturally prioritizing their residents’ health and safety; some, however, are taking additional measures to ensure the day-to-day is still social and enjoyable.

“Every day, [Tapestry of Springboro] has some kind of hall activity, where everybody just sits in a chair outside their rooms and plays bingo or trivia or bowling … there’s just a lot of really nice things that they’re doing for them,” says Hafenbrack.

Communities are even taking measures to make sure residents can still safely have visitors. Tapestry of Springboro, Hafenbrack explains, has created a small parlor with plexiglass in between the residents and visitors, so that families can still see their loved ones in person without the risk of getting them sick. “You schedule a time for the porch parlor. Then you go and they lift the window up and there’s a piece of plexiglass between you and the people inside … we can be close and chat and still see each other.”


Whether you or your loved one needs some extra help with daily living, want a more social environment, or are simply seeking a more laid back way of life, a senior living community could be the right path.

“I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather my mom be,” says Brannan, citing the staff at Friends Care Community as one of the greatest features. “The nursing staff are just loving, caring people. They are over the top kind, hardworking, loving people. … I’ve never met a better group of people.”

“I feel safe here,” Griffin describes of Shiloh Gardens Retirement Community. “I feel like this is a family community.”

“All the staff make you feel like you’re part of the family,” says Filburn. “I just can’t say enough for it. It’s magnificent … I never thought I would have such a comfortable setting in my older years.”

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