12/22/2022 | By Charlie Fletcher

The grandparent-grandchild relationship can take on a richer meaning when we realize that grandparents can learn from grandchildren, too, at just about any age.

As grandparents, we’re often expected to pass on the wisdom of experience to younger generations. This is one of the joys and responsibilities of living a full life and learning from mistakes along the way.

Yet, we often don’t pay enough attention to what younger generations still have to teach us. Many of us are still open to embracing new experiences. Who better to learn from than loved ones who are approaching the world from fresh perspectives?

Let’s explore a few things we can learn from grandchildren.

Technological communication

Interpersonal communication is a vital skill to maintain. At the moment, technology is playing a key role in keeping in touch. While there is a lot of discourse about kids being too reliant on devices, this is still a subject we can often learn from grandchildren.

This isn’t about replacing the in-person forms of interaction. Rather, connecting through tech can open up incredible opportunities. Becoming familiar with video calling empowers you to keep in touch with distant family and friends. Using social media helps you to make meaningful connections with new people from different cultures.

grandmother and grandson on a laptop. For article on The grandparent-grandchild relationship can take on a richer meaning when we realize that grandparents can learn from grandchildren, too.

This is something you can best learn from grandchildren because they are digital natives. They utilize these communication methods effortlessly as a key part of their everyday interactions. Take the time to understand the text abbreviations and acronyms younger people use online and in instant messaging. You may find these a little cringe-inducing. Still, it’s important to grasp the ways kids communicate so you gain clarity and interact with them more effectively.

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Independent learning

As we get older, there is a tendency to get into comfortable routines. However, committing to continual self-improvement is an essential part of finding a sense of purpose in your life. Your grandchildren can be vital in helping you to seek out personally enriching learning challenges. You can develop new skills with them, such as gaining a second language, learning a new musical instrument, or taking up an outdoor hobby.

One of the most valuable incentives to involve your grandkids in this process is that they are likely to be familiar with independent learning tools. As a result of the pandemic, many children had to adopt home learning protocols. This means they have the experience and wisdom to guide you in the techniques and tools that can make for effective self-driven education.

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They may be able to direct you to engaging YouTube tutorials or lectures in a joint field of interest. Many grandchildren have experience in utilizing e-learning platforms, particularly those that focus on any tech skills you’d like to learn, such as coding. Often the best way to approach this is as a joint project. You don’t just learn from your grandchildren – instead, you get to grow together.

Uninhibited fun

Adult life can often be filled with serious elements. You have significant responsibilities to attend to, after all. At times when fun is an option, it’s not unusual to limit your enjoyment in an attempt to avoid embarrassment. Yet, this can make your experiences dull and unfulfilling. One of the most valuable things you can learn from grandchildren is to rediscover uninhibited fun.

With young grandchildren, you can find wonderful opportunities to spend time in their imaginary worlds. Make costumes from old outfits and odd fabrics. Be open to acting in what you would otherwise consider ridiculous ways. You may even be able to incorporate some of your old childhood games with theirs to create a unique shared activity. This can help you to tap into pure joy together which enhances your mutual experiences.

If you have teen grandchildren, join them in creating fun videos on Instagram or livestream gaming sessions with them. Avoid the tendency to be self-conscious about these activities and embrace the fun in ways that both you and your grandchild will benefit from. Consider taking a family-friendly improvisation class together.

One of the most important things you can learn from your grandchildren really is that life’s too short to miss opportunities for joy and excitement. Join them in their uninhibited fun.

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