5/28/2020 | By Seniors Guide Staff


Total Care Therapy

“Adam HIll, PTA is one of our amazing Super Heroes at Total Care Therapy.  Adam goes above and beyond his expected job duties everyday to make his clients feel special and cared about.  Adam always has a positive attitude and smile on his face that is infectious to everyone he is around.  He works hard everyday to make his therapy sessions enjoyable and meaningful for his clients and is constantly striving to better himself and the profession.  During this difficult time where people are feeling isolated, Adam goes out of his way to call his clients almost everyday just to check up on them to see how they are doing.  He is always available, even if they just want to talk, so that they feel less isolated during this time of social distancing.  Some of our Geriatric clients don’t have family left or family is not close by.  Adam “adopts” them into his family and shares pictures and videos of his family with them, so that they still feel a sense of belonging.  Adam has been a great addition to our company and to the communities we service.  It would be hard to find someone more dedicated and passionate to help our clients through this difficult time.” 


Gabriel Manor/Saber Health

I would probably nominate Pam Mayo as she is our Executive Director who keeps her composure, is our leader and the one we all look to for all the answers every minute of every day.  The burden that must be on her mind and heart is unimaginable except by others in her position who have the responsibility not only for all the residents but also for our caregivers and entire staff including non-essential personnel. We all just come in and do our jobs as best we can knowing Pam Mayo will be here each day to lead us, support us, encourage us and, most importantly, to pray for each person in this building as well as the essential doctors and professionals that enter our front door daily. Pam Mayo is my superhero!

Always Best Care Senior Services

“There is a hero that lies within each of us. Usually a hero appears during a specific time, for a specific reason or season. While heroes come in all shapes, genders, sizes and colors, the one common factor is that all heroes selflessly care for and serve others in their time of need, whether it is helping an individual, groups, or an entire community. During this incredibly challenging season of Covid 19, social distancing, staying six feet apart and sheltering in place, the Always Best Care caregivers located at Jordan Oaks Independent Community have demonstrated, and continue to demonstrate true heroism; yet, asking for nothing in return.

Their fortitude has been strong. Their smiles for others have remained. Their consistency in covering client shifts has not faltered. Their true concern for the welfare of clients’ needs have shown brightly. They are living what they truly believe; caregiving is a special calling. It is very tempting to pull under the overpass and wait for the storm to pass because you don’t want to get stranded in the middle of the storm. Heroes do not pull over. Heroes are storm proof. They remain diligent even in the midst of the storm. Today, we recognize the Always Best Care day, night and weekend team heroes serving at Jordan Oaks Independent Community in Cary, North Carolina.”


Sycamore Reserve

Our superhero at Sycamore Reserve is our Activities Director, Michelle Herren.  Michelle has been working day and night, every day, to make face masks for all First Responders, hospital staff, residents, friends, families, etc. She NEVER complains about it!!!!  I was weekend manager last weekend and Michelle was here at 5:30 in the morning to make masks.  Michelle is a very caring and selfless person! She even posted on her FB page, “If anyone is going through tough times right now, please don’t go to bed hungry.  Private message me and I’ll be happy to share whatever food I have with you”. That’s why she’s our superhero!


Here are our Superheroes!  Christina and Courtney Vaughn.   These two ROCK when it comes to caregiver management and scheduling.   With Covid-19, they’ve handled SO MANY scheduling changes, and have had to keep SO many caregivers from climbing the walls.  They make sure all of them are well stocked with their PPE and supplies  – all while keeping a smile on their faces. They are the first to answer the phones, and they’ve answered a lot of questions and calmed many clients and family members’ nerves, too. Throughout this, Christina has been dealing with taking care of her own parents – and their health concerns.  She GETS the importance of staying healthy for a seniors’ sake. Her dad doesn’t understand why she won’t kiss him on the forehead anymore (instead – blows a kiss to him). Their own hearts are breaking, while they stand strong for the team. I love these gals!

Seniors Guide Staff

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