5/27/2020 | By Seniors Guide Staff

St. Elizabeth Healthcare

The nurses and doctors at St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s Wound Care Center (pictured above) are “Right Here” for their patients. Wounded patients are 20 times more likely to end up in the ER or be admitted to the hospital. They are keeping these patients safer by seeing them in their clinics. #NotAllSuperHeroesWearCapesSomeWearScrubs

Alzheimers Association

Kate is Kentucky born and bred with 20 years’ experience in care for seniors and their families.  Dementia care and education are a personal passion of her’s and you can truly FEEL it when interacting with Kate.  Kate is always working her tail off to best support her clients and families with Assisting Hands, but especially so during this unprecedented time.  As if that wasn’t enough, she is volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Association to facilitate two different caregiver support groups virtually in an effort to ensure no one feels isolated through this pandemic.  Kate is an absolute blessing to our community!

Council on Aging Cincinnati

Jaimie is the Manager of the Elderly Services Program at Council on Aging where she leads a staff to help more than 13,000 older adults in four local counties remain independent in their homes. Every day, Jaimie and her team work with families and other care providers to screen and enroll eligible individuals and then schedules and monitors care to ensure clients receive the right care, in the right amount, at the right time. As you can imagine, Jaimie’s role has been pivotal through this pandemic.  She has truly been a leader through this unprecedented time.  She has led crucial conversations with local hospital personnel to ensure essential healthcare workers are getting the necessary care for their loved ones so they can continue to serve others through this COVID crisis.  Jaimie is such a gift to our community!

Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels Cincinnati West would like to nominate Dani Woods, as our superhero caregiver. 

On the night of April 8th, a series of terrible storms, which included tornadoes, rolled through Cincinnati late in the evening impacting Dani’s life when a tree fell on her apartment through the roof. Under these circumstances most people would be focusing on what to do, who to call and where to go.  But she did none of this because she had a job to do and a Visiting Angels senior client relying on her.  Her job was just a one hour shift at 11PM to  assist our client for an all important tuck in service.  You see, this senior had no means of getting out of her chair and into bed for the evening.  She sits in her chair all day until she is moved into bed. She needs to be changed and transported into her bed every evening 7 days per week.  It was just a 1 hour assignment and it would have been so easy for her to simply call off due to the circumstances, and understandably so if she opted too. But she did none of that. She first called to say she would be a little late due to the situation and then turned her focus on how to get her car out of the parking area safely avoiding downed wires and more trees.  It was a dangerous feat to maneuver her car around the downed wires to exit her parking lot.  But, she did it!  She called her client to say she was a little late due to the situation, while keeping our schedulers informed of her progress. Dani, you are Visiting Angels Cincinnati West’s super hero.  Thank You!

Barrington of Oakley

The Barrington of Oakley has a true Hero in Stephanie Kelly. The Memory Care Director, Amber Hawkins, states “Stephanie is amazing to work with…my partnership with Stephanie has been one of the greatest experiences I have had in my career.”

Amber’s opinion is shared by all Barrington employees. So what makes Stephanie so awesome? While Stephanie is always available to help out in any situation, in any department, and brings a depth of experience, knowledge, and compassion beyond measure, her HEART and work ethic is something that is hard to duplicate. Her residents and their families are recipients of Stephanie’s boundless energy, love, and understanding. Everyone in the senior living industry knows that memory care is a special population and requires someone who possesses these attributes. Stephanie never lets anyone down. She takes the time to know everyone personally which contributes to her greatness.

The Barrington of Oakley is so thankful to have Stephanie as a part of the team and by selecting her as our hero we want her to know that her extended efforts have not gone unnoticed and also share with the industry how proud we are of her.

Seniors Guide Staff

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