5/22/2020 | By Seniors Guide Staff

Crossings at Bon Air

Bebe Jessee (pictured above), Sales and Marketing Director at The Crossings at Bon Air, is an expert seamstress! She is graciously sewing masks for our team to ensure that they are protecting themselves and our residents.

“On Mondays Cassie Byers, Music Therapist for Hospice Community Care, offers some guitar music for the residents at The Crossings at Bon Air from the parking lot- residents participate from their balcony!”

Imperial Plaza Senior Living

“Nominating Ryan Piggott – Admissions Coordinator.  During this crazy, stressful time, Ryan has stepped up and has earned this nomination. There are numerous examples of how she has gone well beyond her role and assumed responsibility for so much. We do allow move ins, but we do not allow the movers to go any further than our loading dock. Our staff moves the furniture now.  I have seen Ryan spend the day at the loading dock, keeping the team organized, ensuring a smooth move. Last week, we needed to move a resident from Independent Living to Memory Care. Ryan personally went to the residents room and packed and moved her to her new room. It was hot sweaty work. The resident would not have done well with a lot of strangers in her apartment, packing up her things and Ryan knew this, and would not even allow me to help, as the woman had gotten used to Ryan, as she packed. Thanks for all you do, Ryan!!!!”

The Memory Center

“My entire operation, like so many others throughout the country is “essential”; my team comes to work every day to care for our residents.  I have nurses, certified nursing assistants, medication aides, housekeepers, cooks, and activities staff, all who come to work with our most vulnerable population, leaving behind their families at home and risking themselves to make sure someone else’s loved one is cared for.

With Alzheimer’s and dementia, the residents in our care are truly the most vulnerable, not only to the quick spread of illness, but also to the mental health aspect of feeling isolated.  They do not understand social distancing, why their loved ones have stopped visiting, why we can’t have the activities that we always have, why we can’t use our beautiful Town Hall, Theater and Tavern, etc.  It is our responsibility to love them and help them through this most difficult time, and to keep them safe as COVID-19 spreads across the country, and we are doing just that every day.  We are caring for them, and also for their loved ones who are unable to visit.  How heartbreaking it is for our families to not be able to visit their loved ones and to not know when they may be able to do so again.  Facetime, Skype, daily photos, and lots of love and encouragement are keeping everyone going.

I know every member of my team is facing their own personal struggles, with spouses out of work, children without childcare, some who are leaving work to go home and care for their own elderly parents; all of the struggles that our entire country is facing each day, but we are also the lucky ones.  Though there are times that it is very hard, we get up every day, come to work, and help to keep 56 people smiling, healthy and happy.”

Buford Road Pharmacy

During the COVID-19 crisis, everyday heroes have come to be recognized.  Our nation’s health care workers are being celebrated for their bravery and dedication, but also people like retail employees and postal workers are risking their health to provide essential services.  One such employee is Buford Road Pharmacy’s Marylyn Thompson-Hall.  Marylyn works our postal counter and has been a well-loved member of our staff since 1997.  As the pandemic continues, our business has remained open, with Marylyn running the post office.  Then Marylyn lost her husband to complications stemming from long term health issues.  It was a heavy blow made worse by difficult, uncertain times.  After time off for bereavement, during which there was an outpouring of love and support from our staff and loyal customers, Marylyn returned to continue providing an essential and much appreciated service.  In the midst of an unprecedented health crisis, she remains a hero.

Seniors Guide Staff

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