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10/16/2014 | By Seniors Guide Staff

Article updated 3/10/21

A full day at the spa is a great way to treat yourself – occasionally! But since these services can get costly, it’s generally an infrequent pleasure. Fortunately, there are many ways to still get the same (or, at least similar!) treatments from the much-less-expensive comfort of your own home. Light some candles, snuggle up in your spa robe, and kick back with these home spa day activities for seniors.

A Warm, Relaxing Bath

Not only does a hot bath induce relaxation, it also has many health benefits! Baths are great for relaxing muscles and joints (especially if epsom salt is involved); they can make your blood flow more easily, and even improve immunity; and they can, of course, improve your mental and emotional health (that sweet, sweet self care!).

For the ultimate bathing experience, throw in a relaxing bath bomb, some bubbles, and a drop or two of essential oil. Create ambience too: smooth jazz, dim lights, maybe a splash of cabernet! And when you get out, seal everything in with a layer of moisturizer. Your skin will thank you.

At-Home Spa Treatments

The best home spa day activities for seniors are not complete without a thorough visit to your local drugstore. Scan through their offerings of face masks, body scrubs, and lotions. Rich lotions infused with moisturizers and fragrance and a hydrating face cream after a mask and body scrub will make your skin glow. Or: you can also make body scrubs and other treatments from ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. Head on over to Pinterest for a ton of easy recipes and check your cabinets for some DIY fun! You’ll feel good inside and out, too.


Have a favorite song that relaxes you every time you hear it? Put it into Pandora, Spotify, or whatever your music-player of choice for a free, custom playlist that curates songs by your preference. It might take a little while to nail down the perfect station, but remember to use the like and dislike button on each song until you get the right mix of relaxing tunes. Whether you’re taking a bath or laying on the couch with a face mask, soothing music can make a big difference and help you zen out.


We don’t know what it is, but it always makes you feel just a little more confident when you have a manicure. With colors, art and kits, you can achieve good results at home with just a few tools. Pick up a file, callous scrubber, some rich lotion and you’re ready to pretty nails and feet. Take your time and give yourself a foot massage and choose a polish color that makes you feel pretty and happy.

Banish Distraction

Cell phones, computers, iPads; whatever you use to stay connected to the world, shut it off for a couple hours. Although it might feel a little strange at first, there’s an inexplicable zen to powering off and really having some quiet. Turn off all electronics so you aren’t distracted by checking your phone every few minutes and even leave an out of office email message so people know email will have to wait until tomorrow. You’ve got some relaxing to do.

One of the Best Home Spa Day Activities for Seniors: Rest!

Whether it’s taking a cat nap or lying down, rest is an essential part of a spa day, reports Greatist. Kick your feet up and soak in the relaxation by closing your eyes and taking deep breaths to let go of tension. You’ll feel relaxed and revitalized after!

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