4/16/2021 | By Kari Smith

Who doesn’t love receiving a care package? For seniors, especially those living alone or in assisted living facility, a package full of goodies – and the love and thought that went into it – can really brighten their day. So, what are some good care package ideas for elderly loved ones?

Be sure to make it personal! Your loved one will enjoy knowing that you chose things that meet their specific needs and interests. Include a handwritten note, a drawing, or pictures for them to display.


If your loved one enjoys reading, include a large-print book about a subject that interests them. If you have a child, help them create a handmade bookmark to include, using cardstock, crayons, and stickers. For older kids, let them write a special message on their bookmark. Magazines and audiobooks are also great choices.

Puzzles and Games

Jigsaw puzzles can be a great way to pass the time, and are available in different formats to meet the needs of the senior. There are many puzzles that are specifically designed for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients – just do a quick search for “Alzheimer’s puzzles and games for adults” online, or even on Amazon. A deck of cards or a set of Dominoes may be a perfect way for your loved one to pass the time. Puzzle books (such as Sudoku or crossword puzzles) are also great care package ideas for elderly recipients. Be sure to include a mechanical pencil (that does not need to be sharpened) with a sturdy eraser and extra lead.

Personal Care Items

Include toiletry items like lotions, soaps, or lip balms, choosing favorite brands or fragrances. Travel-sized hand sanitizer, small packages of tissues, and refillable portable baby wipes frequently come in handy. Be sure to consider whether your loved one has any allergies or sensitivities to fragrances or ingredients.

Include a pair of non-slip socks or warm slippers. Be sure to choose socks that are somewhat loose fitting, so they do not struggle to put them on. Send a warm lap blanket, a comfy shawl, or a fleece throw if you know your loved one tends to be cold natured. Even if their room has plenty of blankets, a smaller item like a warm throw is perfect for taking to the dining room, game night, cards in a friends’ room, etc.

Small items like magnifying glasses, small flashlights, earplugs, an extra pair of reading glasses, or a battery-powered handheld fan are perfect for stuffing into a walker bag!


Letter writing may seem “old school” to some nowadays, but may be just the ticket for helping your loved one keep in touch in a way that is comfortable for them. That’s what makes it one of the best care package ideas for elderly loved ones!

Be sure to include postage stamps, preferably “Forever” stamps whose monetary value will not be an issue if stamp prices increase. Adult coloring books with colored pencils or crayons can be a great outlet for relaxation and creativity. Journals – with a set of colored pens – are another option if your loved one enjoys writing.

Décor Items

Salt lamps are a beautiful and relaxing addition to any room, and are safer than candles. Decorative essential oil diffusers are beautiful and can be accompanied by an essential oil sampler with oils such as citrus scents to enhance feelings of alertness or lavender for relaxation or sleep.

Decorative plants – whether silk or real – are a great gift for someone with a green thumb. Consider a low-maintenance succulent or air plant.


Snacks are great treats, especially for seniors who do not have easy access to shopping for their favorites. Drink mixes for easy-to prepare hot drinks such as hot cocoa or hot tea make great nighttime treats. Include a special mug – maybe a personalized mug that has pictures of grandkids or loved ones. If possible, send homemade favorites like cookies or freshly baked bread.

Pre-packaged snacks such as granola bars, dried fruits, or microwave popcorn are great for anytime treats. Even sweet treats such as your loved one’s favorite candy or chocolate may be appropriate in moderation. Be sure to consider any dietary restrictions or food allergies before sending.

Regardless of what care package ideas for elderly recipients you use, it is likely that your loved one will be more touched by and appreciative of the effort that you put into creating a special care package just for them!

Kari Smith

Kari Smith is a frequent contributor to Seniors Guide, helping to keep those in the senior industry informed and up-to-date. She's a Virginia native whose love of writing began as a songwriter recording her own music. In addition to teaching music and performing in the Richmond area, Kari also enjoys riding horses and farming.

Kari Smith