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What interests us when we have decades of experience in the rearview mirror isn’t always the same as what interests someone in the early decades of adulthood. Whether experiences, books, activities, or TV, those who are more seasoned have different preferences. When it comes to television, we often prefer to watch characters and situations we can relate to. With that in mind, Seniors Guide suggests 11 of the best TV shows for people over 50.

Research suggests we should ration the time we spend watching television, since sitting for too long can have negative repercussions on health – for seniors and people of any age. However, you can watch TV while walking on a treadmill, lifting weights, or stepping in place and keep on bingeing!

11 of the best TV shows for people over 50

1. Grace and Frankie

This show features two older women, Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin), who bond after their husbands announce they love each other and are going to get married. The two form an unlikely friendship filled with laughter, but not without its challenges.

It’s a great comedy show for the family. The four main characters also over 50 makes Grace and Frankie one of the best TV shows for people over 50.

All seven seasons of Grace and Frankie are available for streaming on Netflix.

2. Schitt’s Creek

This family show features the Rose family, headed by video store magnate, John Rose (Eugene Levy), and his wife Moira (Catherine O’Hara). The pair have two grown – but over-pampered and spoiled – children, David (Dan Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy).

This once-wealthy family loses its fortune and moves to a small town, Schitt’s Creek, where life is more simple and rough. The family’s reactions to their entirely new way of life makes for plenty of laughs and, eventually, plenty of heartwarming moments, too.

You can watch Schitt’s Creek on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and CBC Gem for Canada viewers.

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3. The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey

Starring Samuel L. Jackson, this drama (based on the novel of the same name), tells the story of a 91-year-old man on the brink of dementia and nearing the last years of his life. He briefly gets his memory back and decides to use his lucid moments to investigate the death of his nephew. Themes of aging and attempts to solve past wrongs make The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey one of the best TV shows for people over 50.

This show aired its first episode in March 2022 and has its first season available for streaming on Apple TV.

4. The Crown

Another interesting drama follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to the modern days. The Crown is based on the play The Audience. Seniors will enjoy a story that winds through major events, decisions, and political tussles the Queen has faced over the decades.

The show also gives a peek into what life is like between the monarch and members of the royal family.

There are currently 4 seasons of the show available for streaming on Netflix.

5. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

This show, set in the late 1950s, tells the story of Miriam Maisel, who seems to have a perfect life – a husband and two wonderful kids, living elegantly in the Upper West Side of New York. All this is upended after she discovers a talent she never knew she had – doing stand-up comedy.

This realization turns Mrs. Maisel’s life around as she leaves her comfortable, perfect life behind to work her way to the top of stand-up comedy in New York.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel currently has four seasons, which you can stream on Amazon Prime Video.

6. The Great British Baking Show (TGBBS)

If you enjoy cooking activities, TGBBS is one fun cooking show that will keep you eager for more. The show takes viewers through a variety of dishes and top chefs contesting for prizes as they bake their way to the top.

couple watching tv. photo by Monkey Business Images, Dreamstime. Seniors Guide suggests 11 of the best TV shows for people over 50, since decades of life experience can affect our television preferences.

It features a variety of exotic non-U.S. dishes that can trigger you to take up baking tasty treats and desserts again.

You can enjoy 10 seasons of this show on Netflix and look forward to more seasons soon.

7. This Is Us

This drama series tells the story of one family through the decades, from young parents to seniors, blending them with seemingly random individuals whose lives become intertwined.

It’s a touching, romantic family series with lots of heartfelt love and touches of tragedy as all of the individuals make their way through life, on their own and together. The family saga begins in the 1970s, offering bits of nostalgia, and features the parents and three children at various stages of life, making it relatable to all ages and among one of the most fitting TV shows for people over 50, especially seniors.

This Is Us is available for streaming on Netflix Canada and Hulu. It has 6 seasons for now.

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8. The Wonder Years (reboot)

This coming-of-age comedy show is a reboot of the 1988 series of the same name. Instead of following the childhood days of Kevin Arnold in American suburbia, the 2021 reboot follows Dean Williams, a young Black boy growing up in Montgomery, Alabama.

The show is set in the 1960s, so it’ll likely bring back a lot of fond and nostalgic memories, and perhaps some insights, too.

The Wonder Years currently airs on the local ABC network at 8:30 (Eastern Time) on Wednesdays and online at

9. Only Murders in the Building

Three quirky but endearing residents of The Arconia high-rise condos in NYC unexpectedly connect to solve the mystery of who killed Tim Kono. In the process, they create a true crime podcast and multigenerational relationships that both take twists and turns. The unlikely threesome features beloved veteran actors, including Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. The whodunit will keep you guessing and laughing.

Season 1 of Only Murders in the Building ran in 2021, so binge away. Season 2 premieres on June 28, 2022. Both are available on Hulu.

10. Wheel of Fortune

This game show has been around for quite a while, and you may even remember watching the show in your younger years. It’s a classic game that you can use to keep your mind alert and learn new things.

The word puzzle category of the show is an interesting way to test your skills and see if you’ve still got it! Wheel of Fortune is available on Netflix and Hulu and has over 30 seasons with episodes lasting about 20 minutes long.

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11. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

If you’re keen on interior design, decoration, and architecture, this is one show that can spark your interest and help you expand your horizons. The show features beautiful homes from all around the world, with all the details and uniqueness that go into their construction.

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes has several seasons available for streaming on Netflix, and sometimes on BBC iPlayer.

A bit of positive TV watching can be good for your mental health, so enjoy these TV shows for people over 50 – whatever your age.

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