2/3/2016 | By Seniors Guide Staff

Duan Pierce, M.D., President of Pierce Mobile Medicine

Q: My mother has trouble leaving her home, are there doctors that can come and see her?

A: Mobile physicians come to see patients in their home, wherever their home may be.  Most have had additional experience in dealing with an older population that has difficulty getting out of their home. 

Q: Can they do the same things as my regular doctor?

A: Mobile physicians are able to conduct examinations, order tests, and write prescriptions; with the added convenience of them coming to you, instead of getting out to them.

Q: I just was discharged from the hospital and I can’t see my regular doctor because I can’t drive, what do I do?

A: A mobile physician can see you in your home after a hospital stay or rehabilitation stay.  Many times, they can see you faster than a physician in a clinic.  You can be assessed to make sure you are taking your medications properly and if you need any additional assistance.

Q: How do I pay for these services?

A: Usually mobile physicians bill your insurance for care just as your regular physician would.  Most bill Medicare, but it is always good to verify what insurance they can take.

Q:   Can a mobile physician help me get therapy? 

A: Therapy such as physical, occupational, or speech therapy can be ordered by a physician.  Mobile physicians are able to assess a patient in their home then assist in referring a patient to a therapy company to help improve their physical condition. 

Pierce Mobile Medicine, PC Home Office is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and is owned and operated by our Founder and President Duan L. Pierce, MD. Dr. Duan L. Pierce is an alumnus of North Central High School in Indianapolis, Indiana, Graduated from Xavier University in Louisiana and Graduated from Cincinnati University Medical School.  Dr. and Mrs. Pierce have five children and reside in Indianapolis. Indiana. Dr. Duan L. Pierce is a big Colts fan!  Dr. Pierce is a member of the AMA and AMDA.

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