1/10/2022 | By Amy Dickinson

Advice columnist Amy Dickinson addresses an issue common to older women without grandchildren. A reader tells Amy, ‘I’m not a grandma, and that’s OK.’ But apparently her friends don’t agree. Or is there another issue?

Dear Amy:

I have two children: a daughter (41, who is divorced) and a son (42), who is married but has no children.

My complaint is not with them, but with so many grandmas around who quiz me about my lack of grandchildren.

I usually answer them by saying I don’t know what my adult kids’ plans are.

This is followed by being inundated by pictures of their grandchildren.

I am happy for them, but just want to yell STOP.

Any thoughts?

Not a Grandma in Jersey

Dear Not a Grandma:

You might offer a more definitive statement by responding, “Oh, I think that ship has sailed.”

Your real complaint seems to be the fact that you are overwhelmed by looking at pictures of other people’s grandchildren.

One way to try to stem the tide would be to say, “I’d love to see one more picture of your cutie pie, but then let’s catch up!”

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