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Seniors benefit from and can enjoy technology as much as the next person. Many people are making apps for seniors, and of course, there are lots of apps for everyone that seniors will love. These apps help seniors stay connected, make tasks simpler, relax, enjoy some entertainment, stay informed, and sharpen their minds.

Apps Seniors Will Love

Many fitness, gaming, entertainment, and social apps are useful and enjoyable for everyone. So, check out any that sound interesting. Seniors may want to try Skype, Spotify, Pandora, Netflix, Goodreads, MyFitnessPal, or Pocket Yoga, for instance.

Apps for seniors to solve problems

Pillboxie on iOS (Apple devices) is a fun and simple medication reminder that tells you what time to take the medicine, what it looks like, and more.

ClariaZoom for Android helps seniors with vision impairments more easily use their cellphones.

EyeReader on iOS or Magnifier on Android can magnify any text, such as a books, magazines, restaurant menus, and letters.

MyMedical for iOS stores medical histories of the user and as many family members as they desire to easily consult when needed and to share with their doctor.

Apps for Seniors to Enjoy

Flipboard for iOS and Android helps users curate online content including news, entertainment stories, and photographs they want to keep up with.

Lumosity and Elevate for iOS and Android is an app of daily mind games and puzzles that are a fun and effective way to improve mental function.

Audible is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone for those who just want to listen instead of read.

Together, YesterdayUSA and TuneIn Radio app for iOS and Android give users access to 24 hour free radio broadcasts from the 1920s through the 1950s.

There are also many word puzzle apps to choose from, and many, many games to play. Play classic board games, puzzle games of all kinds, simulation games where you build cities and such, play with cute animals like the popular cat collecting app Neko Atsume, and more.

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