1/14/2021 | By Rachel Marsh

Spring is a time for fresh air, blooms, and warm weather. Summer is filled with vitamin D, beach vacations, and the great outdoors. Fall equals crisp air, colorful trees, and cozy traditions. But winter? It’s cold, it’s dark, and it’s lonely. There’s just no way to enjoy winter.

And, unless you’re one of the lucky snowbirds who gets to travel to Florida every time the weather turns – it’s simply one of those “necessary evils.”

But! It doesn’t have to be this way! Winter does not have to be the most dreaded part of your year. Instead of trudging through these chilly months, counting down the days until spring: we’ve compiled a list of five ways that you can actually (believe it or not!) enjoy winter this year. Yes, it is possible!

A Chance to Play Catch Up

While the rest of your year is packed with a busy schedule and the aforementioned “fresh air,” “beach vacations,” and “cozy traditions,” winter comes with a lot of … free time. Though humans don’t hibernate, we do wind down in the wintertime. There are fewer events, fewer gatherings, and fewer commitments. 

This may feel isolating and lonely, but take this time to catch up on everything you haven’t had time for during the busier months. Give those friends a call that you haven’t seen in awhile. Chip away at your reading list. Watch those movies and shows you’ve had on your Netflix queue. Tackle that home project that’s been taunting you for months!

Try to look at this time as a season of productivity – like an open weekend after a hectic week!

Try a New Hobby

Again: winter is notorious for more free time. Which makes it the perfect time to delve into a new hobby; one that, perhaps, you’ve had your eye on for years but never had the time to commit to it. Or, a hobby that you’ve had to give up based on too many other events taking up space in your calendar.

Winter is the time! Sign up for that watercolor painting class. Pull out your knitting needles and build off of your “just scarves” knowledge (ever made a full-blown sweater?). Grab your yoga mat and sharpen your downward dog skills. Hey, ever wanted to learn French?

Not only is winter the perfect time to learn something new because of its abundant free time, learning a new skill also will help ward away those “winter blues.” Keeping your mind engaged and surrounding yourself with other people is shown to boost mood and morale – particularly for seniors.

Embrace the Seasonal Tastes

One of the greatest ways to enjoy winter? Enjoy winter foods!

’Tis the season of steaming chili, thick stew, hearty macaroni and cheese, pastas, potatoes, and pumpkin everything. Fill your belly with comfort food to fully embrace these cold, dark evenings. Try a new recipe, too! This can help you stay busy while also adding to your recipe repertoire. Might we suggest a hearty helping of Moroccan Butternut Squash Soup, Spinach Artichoke Mac & Cheese, or Spiced Upside-Down Apple Pie?

Allow yourself to indulge – however, continue to keep a balanced diet with healthy foods too. Eating clean, wholesome meals will also help in staving off the winter blues.

Practice the Art of Hygge

But if anyone knows how to enjoy winter, it’s the Danish. In order to fully embrace this season, they came up with the art of hygge.

Hygge (pronounced hoo-GAH): a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.

So, basically, the Danish created the art … of coziness! This winter, surround yourself with hygge to get as cozy, snug, and comfortable as possible. Throw on those thick wool socks. Light a few candles. Bury yourself in all your warmest blankets. Sip the largest, warmest cup of hot chocolate you’ve ever made next to your fireplace (if you have one), and – jo! – you’re experiencing hygge.

Springtime? Never heard of it.


Embrace the freedom of winter. This season, things slow down; schedules open up; the people in your life tend to hunker down. While the warmer months are filled with events and commitments and busyness, winter offers us a unique gift: a time to recharge.

We’re all so used to being on the go, constantly active, that it can be difficult to let go, unplug, and relax. Lean into this time of rest. Instead of trying to constantly fill your time, lean into the quiet respite of the winter.

Spring will come around eventually, it always does. And in the meantime … enjoy winter!

Rachel Marsh

Award-winning writer Rachel Marsh has written for many different sites and publications on a variety of topics. She is the multimedia editor for Seniors Guide and works hard to make sure seniors and their families have the best information possible. When she’s not writing for work, she can be found writing for fun. Really!

Rachel Marsh