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11/30/2016 | By Seniors Guide Staff

Plants benefit your home in many ways. Interior plants decrease carbon dioxide levels, increase humidity, keep air temperatures down, reduce certain air pollutants and limit airborne dust. That being said, interior plants shouldn’t be limited to one room like the kitchen or dining area. You can even put them in rooms you never considered before, like the laundry room. Here are five examples of indoor plants that do especially well in dark spaces that you should consider adding to your laundry room.


This plant does particularly well in low-light areas and can grow in a variety of different soil types or even in a jar of water. It has medium to dark green-colored leaves, and it spreads out and fills space with its vines. Like many houseplants, pothos is known to keep the air in your home clean by removing toxins. However, although it is a beautiful and beneficial plant, pothos is poisonous. If you have any pets in the home, be sure to keep it out of reach or consider adding another, safer houseplant to your laundry room.

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese evergreen plant not only does well in dark spaces, but it also thrives in warm rooms. If your laundry space is in a small room, it is likely to heat up while the dryer is on. These are the perfect conditions for the Chinese evergreen plant. Like pothos, the Chinese evergreen is great for removing toxins from the air. For more information on resilient houseplants visit Angie’s List.

Peace Lily

This beautiful indoor plant grows well in dark rooms and has white, cup-shaped blooms and dark green leaves. However, it does require slightly more attention than other indoor plants on this list. If you choose to add a peace lily to your laundry space, be sure to water it once per week. It is normal to see wilting with the peace lily, but it just means that it is thirsty. Once it is watered it will perk right up.


These indoor plants are available in a range of different leaf colors and shapes. If you choose to add begonias to your dark laundry room space, you don’t have to give the houseplant much attention. It doesn’t require much water; however, you should be sure to soak the soil when you do water it and only water again when the soil has completely dried out. For more tips on how to take care of this plant visit Gardening Know How.

ZZ Plant

This house plant tolerates very dry conditions and doesn’t require much attention. It has dark stems and shiny dark green leaves that grow upward. The ZZ plant also does well in nearly dark areas of the home and spaces that only have artificial light sources. This makes it a great option if your laundry room is located in your home’s basement or inside of a room without windows. The ZZ plant, like many plants on this list, doesn’t require much attention, so you can spend your time on your loved ones instead of fussing over plants.

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