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Retirement is the time to relax and enjoy all the things you love doing without the hassle of work. It is also a great time to explore different hobbies, try new things and go on an adventure. Avoid the monotony of life and add a little excitement. There are hobbies that every retiree can try to break out of the box and keep retirement fresh and exhilarating.

Are you up for adventure?

Every kid dreams of finding hidden buried treasure and for some, that dream never goes away. Geocaching is treasure hunting for grown-ups. How does it work? People hide containers and objects around the world and post the coordinates online for others to see. When you see a post in your area, break out a GPS device and go out searching. You can do it in your town or while away in a different city. This hobby does require some technology but the pay off is worth it for people who want to explore. Go online or download the Geocache app and get started on your own geocaching adventure.

Do you have a competitive spirit?

Marksmanship might be the hobby for you. For seniors interested in shooting without hunting, they should consider joining a gun club. Marksmanship requires a keen eye, patience and concentration. It can be a hobby you do with friends or you can do it alone. There are clubs around the country that will train you to use a gun properly, follow safety procedures and learn how to be a true marksman. You can use air pellet guns as well if you don’t want to use bullets. There are air rifle competitions as well as many others that you can show off your skills on the target range. It is a hobby that will keep you on your toes and staying sharp.

Love to be outdoors?

Boating is the hobby you have been waiting for. Whether you live on a body of water or a few hours away from one, you can try boating. It is a great way to be outdoors alone or with friends and family. Relax and go fishing on a quiet lake at daybreak. Go out on a pontoon with your grandchildren for an afternoon in the sun. Or get a speed boat to cruise around the lake with the wind in your hair. It doesn’t matter why you are on the boat as long as you are out there enjoying yourself. If you are interested in boating, you do need to make sure you are following local and state laws. Having the appropriate boating license is essential to operating and owning boating equipment. You can easily get licensed, in any state by taking a boating exam online. If you are just starting out, get the boater education card so you can go out on the water with the assurance that you know safety protocols and the essentials to boating.

Feeling artistic?

Ballroom dancing is the perfect hobby to keep you active and feeling creative. Go with your spouse or a friend to a ballroom dancing class in your area. If you aren’t sure what style of dance you want to learn, you can go online for tutorials and learn some of the basics. Search for local dance studios or recreation centers in your area that hold ballroom dance class. It is a fun time for any age and anybody with or without previous dance experience.

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