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The holidays represent a time of giving, including to our pets – dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and other such loving buddies. Or perhaps you have a pet-owning friend or family member to buy for. Consider purchasing a present for that person’s pet, especially if the owner is hard to buy for! To get that hamster wheel inside your head spinning, we suggest a few favorite holiday gifts for pets.

For Fido

Christmas bandannas

The simplest way to dress the pooch up for the season is to tie on a Christmas bandanna with fun sayings like “I make naughty look nice” and “Dear Santa, define good.”

All-natural antlers

Natural moose or deer antler chews provide nutrients for dogs and many hours of chewing enjoyment. Just be sure to get quality antlers that are shed naturally.

Kong Wubba

Kong makes among the toughest toys, for hours upon hours of play. One of my dog’s all-time favorites is the Kong Wubba, an octopus-like toy for tug, toss, or even independent play. It comes in a variety of sizes for a variety of dogs. Snuggly dogs might appreciate the fleece-covered Kong Snugga Wubba instead!

For Fluffy


Cat toy designers seem to have endless creativity in the products they create for felines. For a playful kitty, consider a flopping fish toy or other interactive toys. Or get a laser pointer, for hours of simple fun!

Holiday gifts for pets’ owners

Stainless steel odor remover

Also from Life’s Abundance, brush this nubby stainless steel bar over your pet’s fur to remove odors and give them a nice massage at the same time. Or use it on yourself to remove onions, fish, gasoline, and other stubborn smells!

Pawprint Keepsake Kit

This simple paw-print making kit comes with clay, tools, and instructions to enable the owner to create a decorative disk with the pet’s pawprint and name.

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Holiday gifts for pets from

Pet product retailer PetSmart suggests festive holiday gifts for pets, plus other gift ideas and stocking stuffers at or in stores.

A festive fit for reptiles

An iguana dressed in a lumberjack costume. From

Comfy pajama sets don’t just have to be for friends and family. Fun, seasonal attire can also help make reptilian pets a part of the festivities. Options like this Merry & Bright Lumberjack Reptile Costume provide your bearded dragon with a warm, comfortable, and adorable outfit you can easily slip on and off.

Aquarium-ready swimming Santa

Deck the halls of the underwater world with a Merry & Bright Scuba Santa Aquarium Ornament. This fun and colorful underwater Santa provides an easy way to decorate for fish friends and add seasonal cheer to aquatic decor.

Celebrate smaller pets with costumes

While it’s easy to include cats and dogs in the action with toys and treats, don’t forget the smaller furry family members. You can keep your guinea pig on the gift list this holiday season with this Merry & Bright Christmas Tree Small Pet Holiday Costume. It slips on and off easily for a comfortable fit to provide even more fun.

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Matching sweaters for pups and people

Celebrate the season with your dog in style with matching Tipsy Elves Holiday Sweaters for pups and pet parents. Each sweater features a fun, festive design to get everyone in the spirit while showing off you and your pup’s unique personalities. With an “I’ve Been Nice” version for dogs and “I’ve Been Naughty” version for pet parents, the sweaters are fun options for your next holiday gathering.

As my family grew over the years, in size and in age, we began drawing names rather than giving gifts to everyone. However, every person bought special holiday gifts for pets! After all, our furry friends give so much to us all year round!

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