Independent Living

3/13/2017 | By Seniors Guide Staff

Modern technology can enrich a senior’s lifestyle by making their golden years easier and more enjoyable. Technology has much to offer a senior pursuing an independent way of life. Modern technology can boost home safety and security so seniors can have greater confidence living on their own. The following technological advances facilitate independent living for seniors who prefer to live at home:

Smart Homes

Smart home technology for seniors focuses on comfort and safety. Motion sensors, smart thermostats and energy monitoring devices maximize home comfort while reducing energy costs. Entertainment apps make it easier for seniors to stay connected or enjoy their favorite TV or music programs at the push of a button. Smart lighting turns on automatically to reduce the risk of accidents in the home.

As people age, safety becomes a primary concern. Smart smoke, carbon monoxide and security alarm systems alert seniors instantly to dangers of fire, gas or potential break-ins. IP cameras provide families with video access to their aging parents’ activities to ensure they are safe and sound.

Tech Devices for Seniors

With the aid of high-tech devices, seniors can better manage their health, enhance their personal safety and even enrich their social lives.

Health Management: Most seniors take medications to maintain their health. Medication systems like Reminder Rosie help seniors manage their medications, so they don’t forget to take necessary medicines or overdose on the quantity of medicine they need to take. This voice-activated reminder system not only helps with taking medications but can be used to remind seniors of doctor appointments, social activities or daily tasks. Seniors who suffer from mild cases of memory loss will find Reminder Rosie a big help in keeping them abreast of their daily routines.

Family members and caregivers can use Reminder Rosie to help seniors stay on top of daily responsibilities. Reminder Rose does away with nagging or stressful interactions with seniors to get them to complete daily tasks. This enables caregivers to establish more positive and productive relationships with those in their care.

Personal Safety: Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) in the form of pendants or wristbands allow seniors to alert medical personnel or family members instantly when a health emergency arises. In the event of an accident or fall, seniors can activate their PERS device to get immediate assistance. Mobile PERS devices are designed to work anywhere, enhancing a senior’s safety both in and out of the home.

Socialization: Devices such as GrandCARE makes it easy for seniors to socialize with family and friends from the comfort of their own home. With GrandCARE, seniors can video chat with loved ones, share photos, send messages, play games, keep up with the news or explore websites to enhance personal learning.

At Friendship at Home, we value the input that modern technology offers in improving a senior’s life. Modern technology enables our caregivers to provide you with the quality home care you need to enjoy a pleasant and enriching independent living lifestyle.

Seniors Guide Staff

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