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9/12/2017 | By Seniors Guide Staff

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 45 percent of Americans say poor or insufficient sleep affected their daily activities at least once in the last seven days. They also report that getting enough sleep can actually improve your health and strengthen your immune system, not to mention improve your mood and boost productivity.

Although health issues like sleep apnea can negatively impact your sleep, the way you design your bedroom can also keep you from getting enough rest. From choosing the right mattress to decreasing clutter, here are five ideas to create your dream bedroom.

Design your dream bed

Your dream bedroom starts with the perfect bed that envelops you in comfort. Start with the right mattress that gives you enough room to lounge without overwhelming the entire room.

Next, choose a plush comforter that is breathable and offers warmth without getting too hot in warmer months. A down or synthetic comforter will feel lighter and fresher than a bedspread made from thick fabric. Try a Brooklinen all-season down comforter to stay cozy warm without feeling suffocated. Remember to add throw pillows to complete the look of your bed.

Choose the right colors

The colors of your walls can impact how relaxed you feel in your own bedroom. Opt for a deep shade of blue to create a tranquil and relaxing backdrop. Black can also work well if balanced with white furnishings and touches of bright, vibrant colors.

Instead of painting your entire bedroom with one color, add a splash of color to an accent wall. Use a more muted or subtle color for your other walls. You can also opt for neutral colors in your room like a creamy milk white and choose a brightly colored comforter and pillows instead.

Create a tranquil space

Your bedroom should offer peace and tranquility while relaxing. Declutter as much as possible and lean toward minimalism in your sleeping area. Tuck loose papers, lotions and bedtime needs in wicker baskets or storage containers that easily slide underneath your bed, Apartment Therapy recommends.

Add a bowl of brightly colored sea glass or small plants to breathe life into your bedroom. Place a favorite book by your nightstand to encourage decompressing over electronics that can reawaken you at night. Replace bright lamps with dimly lit bulbs or candle sconces to keep your room dark for a restful night’s sleep.

Pick your window treatments

Your window treatments can do double duty as an accessory and way to keep your bedroom dark. Cashmere curtains add luxury and comfort while keeping the morning light from awakening your household too soon. Meanwhile, blackout shades can create easy convenience and comfort. Choose automatic shades with texture to give your room some personality and lift.

Make it personal

Your dream bedroom isn’t complete without personal items to envelop you in comfort. Add family photos and pictures from vacations on your walls or bedside without cluttering and overwhelming your space. Add a special collection of sea shells or colorful pebbles from your favorite lake. An antique lamp or vase can also remind you of a special loved one every morning.

With these tips, your bedroom could be your favorite new room in the house, but the trick is keeping it a peaceful and tranquil space. That means keeping electronics and work at bay and honoring the integrity of your new relaxing space.

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