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  • Care Management and Coordination

    Manages multiple care providers

  • Home Health Care

    Help with medical care

Summit Home Health Care

We are Hiring Nurses, Therapists, and Home Health Aides!

Summit Home Health Care, recipient of Top Workplace 2017-2020 and Top Elite Award, is looking for highly therapists, and home health aides to build a clinical team as part of a culture of excellence. Email resume to

Summit Home Health Care is a specialty home health agency in Indianapolis that provides everything you’d want and need for premium healthcare at home. We hire the highest level of skilled nurses and therapists to design a specialty care plan collaborating with the physician. Our concierge approach is geared toward achieving the very best outcome for all those who allow us to serve them.

  • A Specialty Home Health Agency
  • Streamlined Point of Contact for Fast Response and Initiation of Treatment
  • Expertise in Managing Higher Level Care Needs and Complex Cases
  • Wound Care
  • Neurologic Programs
  • Orthopedic Programs
  • Protocol Driven Care Plans
  • Infusion (IV Support) Available

We offer one of the broadest insurance profiles of in-network benefits and work with a broad geographical reach.

Posture and Balance



  • C.N.A. delivers care
  • Care Management/Coordination
  • IV Therapy / Injections
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • RN’s Deliver Care
  • Speech Therapy
  • Wound Treatment

Funding Sources

  • Medicare


“I just wanted to call and commend Mindy Schroeder, PT on doing such an excellent job with me. I can’t do much but she showed me all kinds of ways to do what I need to do. I just really appreciate her and everything she and your team have done for me. I hope you never let her go…I just wanted someone to know how great she is!”

— Summit PT patient

“I simply do not know the words to express how grateful I am as a nurse , healthcare professional and family member for Summit . I cannot begin to explain how happy my parents are … they consider Lynette and Amanda family. My mom no doubt has a long road to go but Summitt is making it doable and pleasant. My parents are not easy to please and their praise is outstanding. If you ever want a real life family example as to how Summit demonstrates not only compassion but such a pleasant enrichment to a families’ life, I am happy to do so in any platform !!!!”

— Nurse, administrator, family member

“Brian Kusek, PT is recognized for going above and beyond yesterday by arranging a packed schedule to get a start of care in for a very demanding family. The executive director and wellness director were extremely appreciative of Summit going above and beyond to make their residents and families satisfied.”

— Summit liaison

“This family called in to Summit today to express how thankful they are to have met Doug, PT today. They stated he is a one of a kind! He had an amazing attitude and is a TRUE BLESSING!! They could not have spoken more highly of him and are BEYOND thrilled to have had the opportunity to cross paths and have him be part of his post op therapy experience.”

— Summit patient family

“I have had therapy 6 or 7 times in the past. Summit by far is the best and gave me a whole new outlook on therapy. Yvonne was great, Morgan was great. I actually had a great experience, and Yvonne helped me to be able to put the peanut butter jar back up in the cabinet, something I couldn’t do and wanted to do for so long. You and Aaron actually listened to me and geared the girls towards the things that I actually needed; not just going on walks like the other times I had therapy. The other therapy places I had cannot begin to compare.”

— Summit patient

“I really appreciate everything you do to keep my therapy going with Sharon. I have made gains beyond what I thought possible and am having trouble imagining progressing even further, but I am sticking to the plan. Sharon is such a great girl and gets us excited for therapy with clear goals. She has my wife dancing again and we just are grateful.”

— Summit patient

“My Summit girls are great. Candi is by far the sweetest person I have come across and is irreplaceable. I am stronger mentally, physically, and feel better overall. I really hated you for making me use the walker, but boy I am walking faster, standing up taller, and can walk my dog on long walks feeling so much safer. I hate to say it, but you were right on. I use my walker all the time now and have not fallen any more. Most of my friends have passed away and Summit has taken the place of all the activities I remember doing with them. I would just hate to lose my girls (Morgan, Yvonne, Candi) because I have been so much better off.”

— Summit patient

“We got a shout out from Dr. Thomas Grimm for going above and beyond to help a resident in IL at Deerfield Springs. This particular patient began showing signs of increased confusion and agitation. She has limited family support. The building staff brought their concerns to us. Melanie did a wellness check and discussed nursing and therapy services. She was agreeable but canceled several pcp appointments to start her care. Karen was finally able to coordinate a virtual appointment with Dr. Grimm today to discuss her health concerns. He was able to make med changes, order labs, and agrees to having therapy see her. He wanted to let us know how much he appreciated that we went above and beyond to help his patient!”

— Summit patient physician

Summit Home Health Care

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