Golden Girl Senior Care Concierge Services


  • Companion Care

    Help with light tasks

Golden Girl Senior Care Concierge Services

Golden Girl is a premier Senior Care company dedicated to the empowerment and quality of living functionality for the older population.  Our person-centered approach  makes us a leader in our class.  We consider our clients our friends, and we strive to show high regard for each person we work with. With each assignment we adapt our services to the unique circumstances of the client to foster comfort, care and happiness.

The service offered by Golden Girl provides a better way of life, a life experienced as “golden”. Our person-centered approach is designed to help Baby Boomers and subsequent generations learn new ways to age in a more natural way, rather than adapting to a contrived, restrictive methodology. For all involved — caretakers, family members and others attending to a senior who needs care — there is more flexibility and comfort.

On Demand Senior Care Services include:

  • Transportation and Errands
  • Socialization and Companionship
  • Meal Preparation
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Outings
  • Safety and Protective Oversight
  • Problem Solving
  • Home Organizing
  • Computer Hel
  • …and much more

Serving the Chapel Hill and Durham area