1/26/2021 | By Kari Smith

In 2021, there seems to be an app for most anything. Being a caregiver can be a difficult job, but yes – there is an app for that, too – in fact, many of them. From staying organized and giving reminders to keeping us on schedule and connecting with other caregivers, apps can be an invaluable and time-saving resource for anyone caring for a loved one. So we’ve put together some of the best apps for caregivers to help make your job that much easier.

Medication Tracking

Many seniors take many medications, vitamins, and supplements, sometimes several times a day. This can be hard to remember and keep organized. The MedHelper app acts as a medication tracker – whether your list of medications is a few pills nightly, or dozens of medications given at specific intervals throughout the day. MedHelper stays on top of keeping medications on schedule, and ensuring that prescriptions are filled when necessary. It also keeps track of your doctors, pharmacies, allergies, and personal medical data – which can be a huge time-saver when you are seeing multiple doctors for various issues. Caring for more than one senior? MedHelper allows you to maintain multiple profiles. The Lite version is free; the pro version only $3.99.

First Aid / CPR

No matter the age of those in your care, a knowledge of first aid and CPR will always be useful. It is not always possible to plan for every emergency, and having the The American Red Cross First Aid App could give you access to lifesaving information within seconds. The app provides easy instructions for common emergencies, as well as a “call 911” button. The app includes quizzes to test your knowledge on information you have learned from the app’s videos and interactive teaching modules. It is always best to attend a first aid or CPR class in person; but having step-by-step guidance at your fingertips could be life-saving in a weather-related or medical emergency.

Record Keeping

Doctor visits always require a list of current medications, as well as medical and surgical history, and it is important to have them saved in an easy-to-access place. The CareZone app allows you to scan your loved one’s pill bottles to create a medication list to share with health-care providers. It also stores insurance information and ID cards, and gives reminders and tracks vital health information like blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and allergies.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Being a caregiver to an Alzheimer’s or dementia patient can be challenging. One of the best apps for caregiving for memory loss? The Alzheimer’s Daily Companion, which provides support and information to those in that position. Patients living with these diseases sometimes exhibit difficult behaviors such as aggression, hallucination, and not recognizing their loved ones; dealing with these behaviors can be scary and overwhelming. The app features around-the-clock, free access to phone and email support for these and many other issues. The app also features tips for personal care, hygiene, meal times, and more by professionals and other caregivers. It also has links to other caregiver resources and training.

Some of the Best Apps for Caregiving That Offers Additional Support

Caregiving can often be overwhelming, and support from others is vital. Although many folks may reach out to offer support, especially in times of crisis, the act of simply communicating with multiple people can become time-consuming and disorganized. The CaringBridge app provides a secure place for a caregiver to interact with and share information, journal entries, and photos with family and friends. It also allows the caregiver to request support when needed, all in one central place without sharing personal medical information on social media. In times where financial support is needed, the app can also be connected to the GoFundMe platform for fundraising.

We’ve also put together some of the best apps for loneliness, a very serious side effect to caregiving.

All of the apps mentioned in this article have a free version available for both Android and Apple devices in the Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store.

Kari Smith

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Kari Smith