Aging In Place

10/11/2016 | By Seniors Guide Staff

It began as a typical Sunday morning.  The Cliff’s had breakfast, went to church and then ventured off for a drive.  It was a glorious day with clear skies.  Little did the Cliff’s know that their drive would result in their need for senior home care.

The Cliff’s journey began in Richmond, Virginia.  They headed west, crossing the Shenandoah National Park and through the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest, into West Virginia.  They continued west a while longer making it into Ohio.  They must have seen some beautiful landscapes.  At least seven hours later and nearly 500 miles from home, they visited a rest stop near Columbus, Ohio.  While there Mr. Cliff fell, suffering a severe gash to his head.  Rest stop staff tried to question him and realized he was disoriented.  They called 911; police and paramedics came to the scene.  The police determined that the Cliff’s were a very long way from home.  Their family was notified and they brought the Cliffs home.

After a visit to their parent’s physician, the family connected with some in home care agencies so their parents could safely remain at home.  While both Mr. and Mrs. Cliff seemed in rather good physical health they both had at least moderate dementia.  Our nurse assessed them and surveyed their home, and suspected they were not eating well, getting proper hygiene or maintaining their home.  Caregiver assistance began with a 12-hour day time shift so that the better part of the day was managed with in home senior care.  The caregivers prepared all three meals, made sure they were routinely taking their medications, prompted the Cliff’s through their morning and evening hygiene routines, as well as doing the laundry and light housekeeping.  We knew the Cliff’s liked to venture out so the caregiver would bring them to the necessary functions such as grocery shopping, prescription pick up and medical appointments.  They also had fun outings, like going for ice cream, visiting the zoo and even some Sunday drives.

The family remarked a few months later that senior home care had given them such peace of mind.  They were content knowing that their parents were safe and receiving wonderful care.

Seniors Guide Staff

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