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12/4/2018 | By Seniors Guide Staff

Last holiday season UPS said they would deliver over 750 million packages between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. That is a lot of packages. However, a new survey conducted by the experts at Wakefield Research shows that one in four people have reported being a victim of package theft. The statistics are startling, but you can take action. Make sure to protect your holiday gift deliveries so that your gifts end up under the Christmas tree – not in someone else’s hands – with these tips.

Use Lockboxes to Protect Your Holiday Gift Deliveries

With a secure lockbox on your doorstep, mail carriers can directly deliver your holiday packages to a tightly sealed and secure container. Considered theft-proof, lockboxes can reduce theft as they conceal packages and keep them securely locked until you directly retrieve them. Lockboxes are weatherproof and can be bolted down for an added layer of theft protection. Some lockboxes offer traditional lock and key and other styles feature keypads. Plus, there are a range of colors, sizes and styles to choose from so you can choose a lockbox that blends in to your home and landscape rather than sticks out like a sore thumb.

Require a Signature

Mail carriers like FedEx have different signature options to choose from when shipping packages. When shipping your holiday packages, you can choose from signature options like ASR, or adult signature required. Like the name implies, this option requires a signature of an adult at the time of delivery and photo identification is typically required. Direct signature required, or DSR, allows for anyone at the address to sign for delivery. FedEx can also release packages with ISR, or indirect signature required, to a building manager or a neighbor.

Implement a Security System

Not only helpful during the holiday season, a security system can better protect your home year-round. Thieves, no matter the time of year, look for cameras before they target a home. And homes that have a security system in place are considered to be safer and less likely to be targets of crime as security systems are a burglar deterrent. Placing a nocturnal, wire-free security system outside can make all of the difference.

Deliver to a Secure Location

If you are worried about having packages delivered directly to your home during the holiday season consider sending packages to a secure location. This can be anywhere: to your workplace, a post office box or to a trusted neighbor. Additionally, companies like Amazon and Walmart provide lockers. Customers can send all of their purchases to a secure self-service locker and pick them up on their own time. There are Amazon and Walmart pickup locations across the country, but it is best to check ahead if this service is available in your area.

Collect Your Packages ASAP

Timely package collection can be the difference between stolen packages and secure packages. A handful of mail carriers, including FedEx, UPS and USPS offer services that allow consumers to delay or reroute packages if they are not home. These same mail carries also have delivery scheduling options so you can have your packages delivered when you know that you will be home to receive it.

Don’t be a victim of holiday season package theft this year. Instead, consider these home smart tips to best protect your holiday gift deliveries.

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