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4/26/2018 | By Seniors Guide Staff

Ah, retirement. Time to kick back and relax, right? Not exactly. Now that you have reached retirement age, you might find that your home is not well suited for aging in place. This year might be the best time to get all of the projects done you have been thinking about over the years. Here are three remodeling projects to consider.

Build a Beautiful Bathroom

The bathroom is the first and last place we visit each day. Not only should this area of your home be beautiful, it should be functional and practical, too. Boomers and those of retirement age are increasingly making improvements to their bathrooms to make them more suited; this means replacing bathtubs with walk-in showers, widening doorways as well as installing safety rails and ramps. These additions fall under a category called universal design. It is called this because these features can be used by anyone, no matter their age or ability.

Have a Hobby Room

With the kids gone you may find that you have ample space and even extra rooms around the house. While having a guest room is essential if you plan to host visitors like your children and grandkids, you might enjoy having a room dedicated to your favorite hobby or activity. If you like painting, outfit the extra space with an easel, storage for your supplies and a workspace. Those who practice yoga might consider creating their own yoga space, with aromatherapy essentials, a yoga mat and other yoga accessories like yoga blocks and blankets. Whatever your hobby may be, having a hobby room in your home can keep you active and engaged, both physically and mentally. When decorating your hobby room, look for furniture and decor items that match the style around your home. Check home decor websites for coupons and discounts, you might just be able to score deals on great products.

Cook Up a New Kitchen

Designing a new kitchen from scratch is a great way to let your personality shine through in your home. However, if you are thinking about making updates to you kitchen, think about factors such as safety and efficiency before you think about style. Oftentimes, you may find that you can have both. When improving your kitchen, think about safety factors such as ensuring that your floors are slip resistant. If you are updating your floors, be sure to choose materials that won’t get slick if there is a spill in the kitchen, like vinyl flooring, which is also soft on your feet, as well as tiles with plenty of texture and grout, and moisture-absorbing porcelain. Other improvements include rounding the edges of countertops and shelves. Doing so gives you the opportunity to freshen up your cabinetry and countertops, plus, round edges will lessen the likelihood of bruises and bumps.

Retirement is a great time to do all of the things you have been thinking about doing over the years, whether it is a home remodeling project or picking up a new hobby. This year, consider these three remodeling projects for a safer, more comfortable and enjoyable home.

Seniors Guide Staff

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