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4/2/2020 | By Seniors Guide Staff

Enhance Your Life by Staying Socially Engaged After 55

By Julie A. Stein, Director of Marketing for Treplus Communities LLC

Times have changed, and people are now living longer and more healthily. And as they do, they are looking at simplifying their day-to-day lives.

Though you might not be ready for a retirement community, you too may feel ready to live a simpler lifestyle! Why not live in the community where you raised your family, but enjoy a lifestyle that is maintenance-free, carefree, and fun? 

Two of the main reasons that baby boomers and empty nesters are moving into active adult communities include:

  • These communities provide an economic lifestyle achieved from selling the family home, renting, releasing capital, and freeing themselves from maintenance responsibilities.
  • Communities bring a social lifestyle that comes with being empty nesters and/or retired, while having more time to learn, play, explore, and make new and lasting friends on the same journey.

Downsizing, or right-sizing, your home is a matter of “when” and not “if” for active adults. When the time is right, you no longer have to mow the lawn or shovel the snow – so what else can keep you on the go?

Treplus Communities has brought Active Adult Living to Central Ohio in a big way by redefining 55+ living in new communities in Delaware, Dublin, and Pickerington.

As an active adult, you’ve earned the right to enjoy yourself. Adults need to embrace the opportunity to “play.” George Bernard Shaw once said, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” Studies show the many benefits of “play” for active adults, which include increased creativity, productivity, and feelings of well-being. 

Treplus Communities offers the space and environment for an engaging resident experience. They believe that social engagement, physical fitness, intellectual and educational endeavors, regular creative programming, and entertainment events should be directed and/or led by those whose interests are being served: the community residents. The community garden is a new outdoor space that brings residents together to enjoy fresh produce and flowers. Active adult communities are comprised of residents 55+ who are actively engaged in some or all of these areas in their lives – often with lots of experience that they may want to share with others.

Treplus Communities has a commitment to deliver a wonderful resident experience that integrates social engagement and provides management support for programming and events. Each community develops a resident committee to plan events that meet the interest of nearly every resident. This committee is passionate about building a community that thrives, and that welcomes new residents and guests to have fun!


One resident has the perspective that resident engagement in activities wins again! Opportunities for social engagement are an important aspect of apartment life because many have moved from another community and have left most of their friends and neighbors behind. Many are also retired and have available time to pursue activities of their choice. Some residents also are reluctant to admit that they have a little bit of a competitive spirit that needs to be “fed” from time to time. At our first community, Hawthorne Commons, resident Bill Forlaine says, “We are indeed fortunate as the community offers a full array of very interesting activities.”

He goes on to elaborate, “The weekly poker games are a real ‘hoot’ to watch as the very quiet ladies know exactly how to play their cards to ‘bring home the bacon.’ The ‘pool sharks’ have a membership which is comprised of individuals who have played for a long time, and some others who are still in the process of learning the game. In fact, there is a great deal of camaraderie with the pool players! The dart, bridge, book, travel, and yoga clubs are just a few of the great groups that have been formed in this community with countless other possibilities yet to develop! The social engagement offered at Hawthorne Commons allows us to meet new friends, enjoy time together, and let our competitive spirits soar. It appears that the activities win every time!

Treplus Communities

1515 Lake Shore Drive, Suite 225

Columbus, OH 43204

1-833-LIVE 55+ (1-833-548-3550)


Great service. Many interactive social events. Great people. Good floor plans.

      – Frank Lowery

The living space is attractive and planned around mobility or future mobility needs. The community is welcoming. Programs are planned to draw residents into social situations, which is needed for satisfaction at all times in life, but especially in aging when children are no longer the primary emotional interaction.

      – Mel and Willie Ehrlich 

Seniors Guide Staff

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