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Welcome to MemoryKeys for Seniors!

  • Are you a senior?
  • Are you having some ‘memory issues?’
  • Are you caregiving for someone with Alzheimer’s?

If you are, you’re in the right place!

Seniors, and persons with memory loss, are capable of much more than we think!

MemoryKeys offers a ‘series of services’ to:

  1. seniors who seek peace of mind by having an early detection ‘Memory Check’
  2. seniors who have begun to experience signs/symptoms of memory loss, cognitive impairment, and/or have dementia
  3. caregivers (family and/or professional staff) who lovingly assist them.

With MemoryKeys, despite having some memory issues and/or dementia, the person can often:

  • Have a more positive & engaging day!
  • Feel better about oneself!
  • Have better interactions with caregivers!
  • Be more independent, using your skills!
  • Have fewer behaviors/medications!
  • Have a more fulfilling & peaceful lifestyle!

MemoryKeys for Seniors includes

  1. Individual/caregiver & professional consultations/training
  2. Personalized memory capabilities assessments
  3. Practical, solution-oriented ‘in-home’ behavior programming & memory activities

MKS’ services are tailored to the person. They are designed:

  • to help identify your strengths
  • to maintain & maximize your abilities
  • to enhance daily functioning, and
  • to reduce caregiver stress.

MKS works with you, your primary care physician, and perhaps with staff from your home health agency or senior living community. MKS can even make ‘House Calls.’

The Earlier, The Better: The earlier in the ‘memory loss’ process that the memory skills assessments can be done, the better it will likely be for not only the person, but for the caregiver!

Currently residing at home? With MKS, a person with dementia could very well be more capable so to remain residing ‘at home’ for a longer period of time… thereby saving the family thousands of dollars each month. Aside from finances, residing ‘at home’ usually offers the highest sense of familiarity, peace, and comfort.

Currently residing in a senior community? MKS’ services can be provided ‘on-site’ for the convenience of the resident/caregiver/facility! A top priority is assisting your loved with his/her daily functioning and helping to make your visits more meaningful and fulfilling.

MemoryKeys for Seniors is a consultation & assessment service offered by Gem City Psych Consults LLC, and is directed by “Dr. Mike” Pignatiello. With MKS, the focus is on one’s abilities, not deficits. We keep the focus on the person, not the dementia.

To inquire about services, schedule an early detection ‘Memory Check,’ and/or to set up an initial consultation for personalized services, call us now.

MKS is located at 245 W. Elmwood Dr., Suite 125, Dayton, Ohio 45459, which is in Washington Twp. near I-675 & Rte. 48 (Far Hills)