Marni Jameson’s AARP Book ‘Downsizing the Family Home: What to Save, What to Let Go’ Features Local Senior Moving Company Door to Door Solutions

Door to Door Solutions, a Richmond, Va. senior moving company that specializes in later life moves, is pleased to announce the company has recently been featured in Marni Jameson’s “Downsizing the Family Home: What to Save, What to Let Go.” Published by AARP in January 2016, the book is a sensitive guide to help readers through the process of downsizing in older age.

“We understand the emotional and physical challenges of moving in later life, and our move managers are specially trained to help seniors and their families with all aspects of a move, whether they are downsizing from their long-term residence or transitioning to a senior care community,” said Katie Hamann, co-founder of Door to Door Solutions.

She continued, “We are here with as much help as seniors need. In addition to simply packing, moving and unpacking boxes—which is important for helping seniors prevent stress injuries—we also offer consultations to manage the process from start to finish. A later life transition is about more than moving stuff. It’s about transporting memories, so we help create floor plans to get everything in place in the new home.”

Using her own story as the basis for downsizing (or helping your aging parents downsize), Jameson’s book helps readers figure out a strategy and create a mindset for accomplishing a move as quickly and as easily as possible. She offers tips and insights from national experts ranging from antiques appraisers to professional organizers to psychologists, helping you figure out what to keep, what to sell and how to organize the move.

The book features case studies of seniors who have employed move managers, including Door to Door Solutions, to assist with downsizing. As the case studies show, large homes are often an impediment for seniors who wish to spend their time traveling, visiting children and grandchildren, seeing friends and more. Seniors often tire of housework and yard maintenance, and downsizing is a way to streamline.

About Door to Door Solutions

Door to Door Solutions is a Richmond, Va.-based organization that specializes in later life moves. Founded in 2007 by Katie Hamann and Donnie Harper, the company helps seniors, empty nesters and singles plan and manage moves, whether that means downsizing or transitioning to a retirement or assisted living community. Services include packing and unpacking, creating floor plans, shredding, storage and disposal of unwanted items. Learn more at